Rainbow Rice

A Sense of Joy

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Your little ones will love the sensory experience of sifting this beautiful coloured rice through their hands. It's a natural play material, bright, colourful, a bit messy but so much fun!

What are the benefits of sensory rice?

Sensory rice helps little ones work on fine motor control, as the uncooked rice is very small. They can scoop it up in their hands, but they can also work on picking up individual grains of rice and sorting them into colours.

The rainbow colours of the rice are very visually stimulating, and activate the visual sense.

There is also an auditory component to sensory rice as well. Your little one can listen to the sounds of the rice hitting different surfaces, containers etc, and being swished around. You can help your little one explore how it makes different sounds with plastic, metal, glass or ceramic cups or bowls.